Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday marked 100 days till the half marathon. I also had the


Seriously? An easy, quick run gave me that much trouble?? I am beyoooond irritated, disappointed, and scared. I'm not a beginner here, I shouldn't be running like one.

After I barely finished, I got out of the gym as soon as possible. The urge to start sobbing uncontrollably was much too strong. I immediately starting thinking about the factors that caused such a horrible result.

Not only am I training for two races, I am trying to work on my speed. Loosing a little weight and speed intervals will help me with that. I increased my pace on Tuesday and felt great. I also increased the pace yesterday - WRONG. Too soon, must get adjusted to the pace I set Tuesday before moving on.

I also felt crampy (or crappy) and tight. Didn't let my dinner digest enough before starting up, another no no. A giant mug of green tea prior to running fast probably was also not the best idea.

I did everything wrong and got appropriately punished. drat!

Live and Learn.
I'll be back at it Saturday.

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are making leaps and bounds and should expect a crappy day everyone once in awhile on top of being proud of yourself for coming so far. Chin up!